Understanding better than most the risks and legalities inherent to our business, we are proud to be known for taking on projects that intimidate our competitors. Clients frequently ask us to resolve disputes between family members, partners and other professionals. We are renowned for a calm and robust approach, and do not offload responsibility through process or third parties.

We are adept at setting up and managing multi-tiered and complex structures within a diverse asset class from financial investment portfolios and private equity to high-value residential and commercial real estate, vintage cars, artwork, yachts and family businesses. Consulting with our clients, and their advisors, we make sure we fully understand all requirements in both the short and long term, so that we can provide an effective, individually tailored service.

Our experts have been at the forefront of the industry for decades and we are considered leaders in the sector. We specialise in the implementation and administration of extremely complex and layered trust structures in Anglo-Saxon trust as well as jurisdictions across the world. We are confident to take on projects other firms are unprepared, or unable, to see through. Increasingly Switzerland will become a major trust jurisdiction with its law and sophisticated regulatory framework.
We specialise in incorporating and administering Swiss companies for commercial enterprises as well as Swiss trading and investment companies. We also provide international company incorporation and administration. In an increasingly complex and transparent world, understanding where to locate places of business becomes critical.
Geneva is one of the world’s leading civil law jurisdictions, stretching back to the 14th Century. As such, our foundations are a popular option when common law solutions, such as trusts, may not be relevant. Geneva Trust’s team retains specific expertise and is well versed in the registration and administration of foundations both in Switzerland and across the world
Family office
The underlying rationale of a modern family office remains to manage ongoing investment and wealth but at all times the focus is on what is good for the family, and what strengthens the familial bonds. Many can manage funds efficiently but dealing with the demand and tensions of any family (often globally dispersed) takes experience. The Geneva Trust Family Office removes the considerable time and costs involved when maintaining an individual family operation. Whether a single or multi-family office is required, Geneva Trust is perfectly positioned to ensure that goals, objectives, and management demands are met at the highest level. We currently hold several board positions within our existing family office clientele.
Marine and aviation
We structure and arrange the purchase, lease/charter, VAT structuring, crew, as well as the sale of marine and aviation assets and our forensic accounting ensures they are efficiently managed. Our global partner network keeps us at the forefront of regulatory, financial, and corporate requirements. We are justifiably proud of our expertise in this area.
Expert accounting
Via our in-house affiliated company, we uniquely offer expertise and skills comparable to larger firms. Our team of experts offers comprehensive and in-depth accountancy services. We ensure your accounts are integral to the overall financial management of your affairs rather than bare minimum corporate accounts for regulatory purposes. While we do not act as investment managers, we are specifically skilled in investment portfolio and cash flow monitoring and reporting.
Swiss real estate
Geneva Trust is the first trustee to hold Swiss real estate. We are authorized by the cantonal tax department and within the federal legislation relating to foreign ownership of Swiss real estate, to act as trustees for discretionary trusts with Swiss settlors, but with Swiss and foreign beneficiaries. Additionally, we retain in-house expertise with respect to the investment and administration of Swiss and international commercial and residential real estate.
Specialist local and international tax advice and reporting
We offer comprehensive expertise in both Swiss and international tax law. Our experts have over 20 years of experience dealing with the most complex matters of taxation to the most straightforward.
Private equity
The entrepreneurial and international nature of our client base means we have regular involvement in private equity transactions. We advise clients on prospective transactions and the most appropriate structures to use to maximise returns and mitigate taxes and costs. We assist in a range of areas from sourcing finance to exits.
GT Audit Sàrl and our network of partners are particularly skilled at forensic level audits. We are adept at niche audit and forensic investigations and reporting, analysing multi-family offices, large family trusts, trust companies, or specific assets such as yachts, aircraft, or real estate. We have often been instructed by perceived competitors, who recognise both our skills and professional ethics. We ensure our auditing becomes a useful exercise in financial analysis, adding value rather than merely meeting a regulatory requirement.