Geneva Trust

Geneva Trust

Founded in 1981, Geneva Trust is proud to have served its clients as an independent trust company for over forty years. While Switzerland’s financial and private client industry has changed beyond all recognition, some things never change – relationships determine everything we do.


We are committed to guiding and supporting each client through the challenges they face in a way only an independent company can. While Swiss, we have a global reach with individual clients, families, family offices, corporate institutions and sovereign wealth funds in over sixty countries worldwide.

Qualified employees

We employ only professionally qualified staff, specialising in legal, accountancy and audit. We communicate in over ten languages. Each client works with a dedicated manager who oversees their affairs, supported by the board of Geneva Trust.

Individual approach

A personalised service, where we understand your requirements and are always ready to respond is fundamental to our approach. Everyone is a valued client and can expect the same level of service, whether an individual or a corporation.

Solving problems

At all stages of the global economic cycle, challenges and opportunities arise. Geneva Trust offers a variety of solutions to help its clients navigate these changes, providing cohesion and security.